Teste de Performance - Introdução ao k6

Os testes de performance consistem em simular, num ambiente controlado e monitorado, um volume de transações ou usuários simultâneos, a fim de verificar como as aplicações irão se comportar e se atenderão aos requisitos de desempenho definidos.

Using a Reverse Proxy Server for Application Deployment

Understand what a reverse proxy is and how you can offload compression, leverage encryption and deal with applications in your ecosystem. What is a reverse proxy, how does it work and how it’s useful? In this article we to explain how this simple concept can be used to host an Angular App on AWS wi

Running your first Docker Image on ECS

Working with containers has become a hefty trend in Software Engineering in this past couple of years. Containers can offer several advantages for software development and application deployment, possibly taking away a lot of problems faced by development and devops teams.